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Henning Erben: Art Inspired by Travel

Our May artist, Henning Erben, emigrated from Bavaria, Germany when he was 15 years old. His parents encouraged him from a very young age to paint and create; although, his father was an artist, Henning never took any formal painting classes and considers himself a self-taught artist. He feels perhaps the need to draw, paint and create is in his genes.

He enlisted with the US Marine Corps for four years and then became a US citizen. He spent 35 years in the Monterey/Carmel California area where he was a salon owner and hairstylist for 20 years. Henning has also served as a head chef and restaurateur in Munich, Germany as well as California until retirement.

He moved to Sedona, Arizona, and during those fifteen years he met and married his soulmate. The couple moved to Asheville, North Carolina for seven years until they found their place in Sequim, Washington where they now happily reside.

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Henning spends much of his day painting or making bread at a favorite local bakery, Pane D'Amore. He enjoys a quieter lifestyle without the trappings of technology, and his paintings are reflective of this as well as the landscapes and textures of the many places he has lived. If you look closely at some of the acrylics, you will see that sand from the area he was painting at the time is mixed into the paint itself. When you see a Henning Erben painting of a beach in Monterey, it may actually contain Monterey beach sand! The vibrant colors, contrasts and textures of his work truly brighten any space.

Henning Erben will be displaying his work through the month of May. All displayed pieces are for purchase.  if you are interested n a particular piece, please stop by the Bishop Gallery Lobby or contact Henning directly at  phone: (360) 912-3690 or email: erbenbarbara2@gmail.com

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