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Brett Goldstone; Guerilla Artist and Entrepreneur

Born in New Zealand, Brett Goldstone has made public art his primary activity over the last 35 years.  Abandoning law school in 1979 he fled New Zealand to become an international hobo for 2.5 years, traveling North and South America and Europe in order to study art as a popular manifestation. Establishing himself in the largely abandoned Downtown Los Angeles industrial district on the outskirts of Chinatown he formed a communal studio complex informally known as The Boys Building. During this time Goldstone became one of the most popular editorial illustrators for the Los Angeles Reader, producing 3 covers in 1982 in addition to his inside editorial contributions. During this time he began producing paintings and sculpture that were exhibited in guerrilla art fashion on the streets of Los Angeles.

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By 1984 Goldstone had tired of living indoors and maintaining the studio required to produce paintings and "clean" work. Intending to focus on the more public guerrilla style shows that
included his first kinetic sculptural works. He bought an old flatbed iron workers truck, with an attached welder generator. Building a primitive collapsable canopy apparatus he moved out of the Boys Building and hit the street, building and displaying his work where ever opportunity provided, producing a series of "Art Attack" events.

As documented in various books, magazines and videos, Goldstone's 1987-1995 steam powered sculpture shows in downtown Los Angeles qualify him as the progenitor of Steam punk. Goldstone co-published the first 2 issues of Spectacle Magazines and 5 issues of Emit Magazine; produced numerous underground event/shows in the LA River. Goldstone exhibited in Auckland, New Zealand; Linz, Austria; Berlin, Germany; Mexico City and within the United States before retiring from performing his "Activation Art."
He now designs and constructs park entrance gates on the Los Angeles River for the State of California, The City of Long Beach and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. He also continues to paint in an unusual style that is a hybrid of western pen and ink editorial cartooning and traditional Chinese Goahua brush and ink painting.

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