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O.C.E.A.N. Program Photography Students

January 2017

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The O.C.E.A.N. Program of the Port Townsend School District is an independent study, contract-based program for students in grade K-12 supported with classroom, experiential and expeditionary experiences and connections with the community. The staff strives to meet students' academic needs through their interests, passions and families.

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What does OCEAN stand for? Opportunity, Community, Experience, Academics, and Navigation...This program works in partnership with families and community to provides an alternative learning environment where each student develops the knowledge, skills and self-confidence to become creative, successful and engaged citizens.

  • Goofy Brothers

We thank the following students for sharing their work with us:

Aden Davis
Enomi Hawke
Gavin Futrelle
Krissy Schmucker
Morgan Wilford
Sienna (Alex) Fink
Tatianna Ryerson
Zoë Moore
Catalina Sonandre
Casey Lane
Kavi Baabahar

  • Longboats

The OCEAN Program utilizes the rich cultural heritage of the Port Townsend community which includes music, the arts and maritime trades to create mentorships and experiential learning opportunities for students.

You will see their connection to community reflected in the photogrpahy selected for display in the Bishop Lobby.

Students gain an understanding of the technical aspects of photographic devices and editing applications through lessons and exploration under the direction of Teacher/Coordinator Liz Quayle.

Please stop by the Bishop Victorian Hotel from 5:30 to 6:30 pm on Saturday, January 7th, for a reception and celebration of the students' work. For more information please contact the Bishop Victorian at (360) 385-6122.

The OCEAN program’s website is www.ptschools.org/schools/ocean/

The Bishop Victorian Gallery at 714 Washington Street is open during normal hotel hours.