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The Grand Lobby Gallery at the Bishop

October's Featured Artists - Les Schnick & Wanda Mawhinney

Leslie Schnick

The pieces Les creates are usually sculptural and most are meant to be seen from all sides. He refers to most of his art as being non-objective/abstract, or loosely illustrative. He uses found objects, whether from nature or industry and what he has on hand. More often than not, it is the essence of those materials, and the forms of the objects, that he is drawn to and that  become the inspiration for the piece.  Bringing familiar objects or materials together in un-familiar ways is one of Les's motivations.

  • Ravens Contemplate the Night Sky white
  • in Sheeps Clothing 1-1

"For me it's an adventure…not without difficulties and frustrations along the way. I may start with some sketches, but the hands-on work in the shop has more to do with where the art piece will end up...at some point I feel it’s finished...at least for the time being. I must admit this is not an exact process for me, and a few pieces have been ‘repurposed’ and did not survive a new awareness."

                            - Leslie Schnick

Wanda Mawhinney

  • Holding the Shape of the Wind

Wanda is an abstract painter who loves to work with vibrant color, unusual design, bold composition and line. Her favorite medium is acrylic, and oils. She uses collage to emphasize the overall effect of some of her work.

  • View From Above

Wanda is a successful experimental painter, and to her, every new canvas is an intuitive adventure for her. She has no preconceived ideas where to begin...but the results demonstrate her amazing journey.

Her challenge is to use color and texture in building rich layers of paint while incorporating materials that fascinate her. Wanda says, " Sometimes the final piece surprises me."

Lobby Gallery Information

Please stop by the Bishop Victorian Hotel from 5:30pm to 8pm on Saturday, October 2, during ArtWalk. For more information about the Bishop Victorian, please call (360) 385-6122. All of the pieces in the Lobby Gallery are available for purchase. Please visit leslieschnick.com and wandamawhinney.blogspot.com for further information.

The Bishop Victorian Gallery at 714 Washington Street is open during normal hotel hours.