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The Grand Lobby Gallery at the Bishop

March's Featured Artist -- Lisa Wentworth

Lisa Wentworth, a Northwest native, has been a life-long multi-disciplinary artist. Her visual arts, dance, fashion design and music education began in elementary school and her love of the arts has continued throughout her life.

Lisa’s penchant for the arts compelled her to take as many visual art classes as possible and, by high school, her art teacher created a special group of independent art classes just for her.

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This teacher also helped her receive a full ride scholarship to the Museum Art School; Portland Art Museum’s College for the Arts at the time.  Following her stint in Portland, Lisa attended Clark College as an art major with a minor in dance. She soon put her degree to use in fashion design and merchandising.

Ms. Wentworth moved herself and her children to England to attend the University of London. She studied British arts and culture with a focus on the work of Charles Turner, and some of that style is influenced in her European pieces.

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Her older children were able to begin college early from this experience and studied art and fashion design at the finest London schools, which parlayed into scholarships at University here in the states. Ms. Wentworth also studied dance at London's West End, which was fantastic training after taking and teaching dance in the Northwest for many years.

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She stayed on and taught dance and fitness in England after her older children left home, and her youngest child wanted to have an education on both sides of the pond. During this time, Lisa painted everywhere and everything-- particularly in the museums, as shown in some of the pieces on display at the Bishop, with the influence of beautiful ancient sculptures as models.

With a love of Port Townsend and the Pacific Northwest, she returned, as it was always a favorite childhood place. A member of the Port Townsend Arts Commission, Ms. Wentworth enjoys bestowing her expertise to help fund other artists in the area. It is a great honor to show her work at the Bishop Victorian Hotel as she is usually promoting the work of others. As you may see, much of her work is painted locally, so her impressionist style of mixed media is seen in both her local and European work. She tends to use recycled products for frames and uses found objects as inspiration. Lisa will be featuring greeting cards and prints available for gift giving.

Please stop by the Bishop Victorian Hotel from 5:30 to 8 pm on Saturday, March 5th, during ArtWalk. For more information about the Bishop Victorian, please call (360) 385-6122. For more information about Ms. Heron’s art, you may contact Ms. Wentworth directly at lisawentworth@hotmail.com.

The Bishop Victorian Gallery at 714 Washington Street is open during normal hotel hours.