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The Lobby Gallery At The Bishop Victorian

Charlie Glassie

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Charlie Glassie-

Artist Charlie Glassie can often be found in the summertime quietly sitting outside at Point Hudson Marina surrounded by scores of water color paintings. Charlie is a resident of Tacoma, Washington---but prefers to spend his summers with paintbrush in hand---on the beach in Port Townsend. His favorite subjects for paintings are nautical images of fishing boats, harbors, lighthouses and the like.

“Some of my paintings come from pictures; some from actual landscapes and scenery, and some of them come straight out of my own imagination.” Said Charlie.

As a youth, he spent many an hour working on the local boats as a deck hand or otherwise. Eventually, Mr. Glassie turned his career goals toward the field as an architect, but was always enamored with the process of making art. Today, he is a self-taught watercolorist who is quite prolific. He welcomes the chance to sit down with a person and get to know them a bit while he paints. Charlie has many maritime stories to share and has a fondness for Foss Tugboats. He displays his watercolor paintings each June in the Bishop Victorian Hotel Lobby. Stop by and say “Hello!”

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