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The Lobby Gallery At The Bishop Victorian

January's Featured Artist -- Nancy Van Allen

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Light falling on life, inspires Nancy’s work in mixed media. Her reverence for life drives her inspiration. She lives on a peninsula in the Salish Sea that is rimmed with water and mountains to the east and west. This place provides her with never-ending inspiration from people and nature bathed in the special light from the sea.

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Nancy Van Allen’s art leans in the direction of super-realism and surrealism. Her art forms and subject matter include sculptures carved in wood and paintings of clouds, nature, portraits and people having fun.

Nancy worked as a graphic artist for 30 years and uses her strong design sense to tell a story. Her work tends towards super-realism with a tinge of surrealism. To quote an observer of her art, “Nancy creates a world of delight that slips in to sensuality and wonder” She is also known for painting onto 3-dimensional relief. For Nancy, it is all about relationships: light to its subject, human to its connection to the good, the bad and the beautiful.

To see more of her work, visit Nancy’s website at paper-scissors-rock.com/

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“When I went to college, abstract expressionism followed by pop art was emphasized. Wayne Thiebaud was one of my influences then and now. I remember standing in front of one of his paintings transfixed; it brought tears to my eyes. The figure was and is something that showed up in many mediums throughout my career. I inherited my draftsmanship capabilities from my father, so I put my maiden name on my art work, and I stamped them NOVA.” - Nancy Van Allen