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The Lobby Gallery At The Bishop Victorian

February's Featured Artists -- JoAnne Heron and Phil Carrico

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Some of the featured art includes new paintings by JoAnne Heron, watercolor artist, in an exhibit she calls “Light of Nature.” Heron’s body of work explores how light interacts with rivers, rain drops, and spider webs, as well as old buildings in Spain. Most images are drawn from a recent trip to Europe. Some are colorful and playful, tending toward the abstract; others evoke a sense of tranquility.

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Although born in Wyoming, JoAnne is the product of the Pacific Northwest, her adopted home... and all the way up through coastal Alaska where she lived and worked for 16 years. She loves those places where the land meets the sea, and being on the water in a rowing shell or a kayak… A remote beach is her favorite place to draw and paint.  The light and tides are always in flux.  It is the place she feels most alive.

Phil Carrico creates woodcuts and wood engravings. He begins with a sketch that he then transfers to a block of wood. From there, special tools are used the hand carve the block. In addition to a single print block, Phil also creates multiple-print blocks. A precise and time-consuming process, some of his works have as many as 10 different color layers from block prints. Philip recently moved to Port Townsend after 38 years in Fairbanks, Alaska, Phil taught art in the public schools for 20 years and received his MFA in printmaking in 2009 from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.

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“I am basically a plein air painter, beginning out-of-doors, with sketch book and camera in hand. It has been a joy over the past three years to bring these images back to my small studio at the Bishop Hotel and play with them… expanding, tweaking, re-arranging the work done in the field. I invite people to join me in enjoying these moments of particular beauty which I have had the good fortune to experience.”
– JoAnne Heron

“Printmaking has always been a passion of mine due to the intricacies of the line designs and my love for working with wood. Creative concepts demand imagination, empathy, insight, patience and courage to take risks. I feel I have found all of these qualities in myself and hope to share my works with the community. The art form began in China, and I am hoping to keep it alive.”
–Phil Carrico

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Please stop by the Bishop Victorian Hotel from 5:30 to 8 pm on Saturday, February 6, for ArtWalk. For more information about the Bishop Victorian, please call (360) 385-6122. For more information about Ms. Heron’s art, you may contact her at 360 385-2148.

Mr. Carrico’s website is www.carricovestudio.com, or you can email him at philipcarrico@gmail.com.

The Bishop Victorian Gallery at 714 Washington Street is open during normal hotel hours.